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Getting a divorce in California without going to court

Under the best of circumstances, divorce is a stressful process. But when couples go to court and litigate their disputes in front of a judge, the emotional toll and expense increase exponentially. Fortunately, there are ways of making your divorce less contentious and reducing its cost, while still achieving your goals. For many couples, mediation is a cost effective way of resolving important issues, such as child custody, child support, alimony or spousal support, and the division of marital property. Katherine Shlaudeman Law and Mediation Practice is a committed, experienced mediator with the knowledge and skill to guide you through the mediation process toward a mutually acceptable, cost-effective resolution of your most contentious divorce issues. Katherine also works as a consulting attorney for individuals who are in mediation.

The benefits of divorce mediation

One way to control costs during divorce is to negotiate a settlement agreement that resolves all of the issues and present it to the court for approval. Even if you don’t reach a complete agreement, you can settle some issues and litigate the remaining ones. Many couples benefit from resolving their disputes over child custody, support, or property division in mediation. Mediation offers the following benefits:

  • It may cost less and take less time
  • You control the pace and schedule, not the court
  • You control the results, not the judge

Mediation has proven so useful that several states have enacted mandatory mediation before the court will schedule a hearing. In states where mediation is not automatic, a judge may order mediation before placing the case on the court calendar.

How divorce mediation works

There are different forms of mediation. In many divorce and other family law matters, the mediator is an impartial third party, often an attorney, who meets with the couple to help them work out a voluntary agreement. Over the course of several sessions, the mediator listens to the spouses, helps them negotiate with each other, and guides them toward a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator cannot impose an agreement on the couple. If a couple can’t reach an agreement in mediation, they may have to litigate and go to court.

Working with a consulting attorney during mediation

Most qualified family law mediators will advise you each party to retain an independent attorney to consult with during the mediation process. The consulting attorney may help his or her client prepare for mediation sessions and will review any agreements reached by the parties. Being an experienced mediator, Katherine understands the mediation process and can guide you through it as your consulting attorney. She will help ensure that you are fully prepared for your mediation sessions, educate you about your rights and obligations, advisee you on your settlement options, and carefully reviews all proposed agreements.

Contact a trustworthy attorney to learn about divorce mediation

Mediation can speed your divorce process, reduce your stress and control costs. In San Francisco and California, Katherine helps reach a final divorce agreement respectfully and cost-effectively through mediation, both as a mediator and consulting attorney. To schedule a consultation, call 415-429-3102 or contact my San Francisco office a href=”/contact-us/”>online.

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